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Sabas' Outdoor Services is located in Champlin, Minnesota a suburb just north of Minneapolis. In 2004 Sabas' Outdoor Services was established as a legal business in Minnesota. Ever since we started we wanted to make a mark in a very competitive industry, setting ourselves apart and above our competitors. To this day I firmly believe we have done just that by keeping a very valuable customer base in place.


I want when people think of Sabas' Outdoor Services to think quality, caring , and respectful. I am a hands on owner not just sitting behind the scenes calling the shots, I work with my employees on a day to day basis always keeping up with job performance and there care they have for the task at hand.

Sabas' Outdoor Services doesn’t always claim we'll be the lowest price around but what we do claim is when we do a job, we'll complete it right and timely giving you our customer our word and standing behind the work we perform. We do not believe in cutting corners to come in at the lowest bid just to get the job, if you want it done right then call us!

While at a young age owner and operator Ryan Sabas loved to mow lawns and ride any type of riding mower that he could. While in his senior year of high school Ryan's father, Kevin Sabas helped create Sabas' Outdoor Services. For the next two years they would start to build the company together. In 2006 Kevin passed away unexpectedly. While still mourning the passing of my father I continued to grow the company as we planned, into a company that other businesses and homeowners would turn to, to help them with all of there outdoor services needs.

One thing my father taught me from a young age is the one thing you have in this world is your name, and it is what you do with it that makes you who you are. While I take pride in the name I have and what people of my community think of me and my business. That is the very reason I have my last name apart of my business so me as a owner am not hiding behind a company name with no personal attachment.

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Thank You,

Ryan Sabas