Grounds Maintenance

Our Landscaping procures the best material, equipment, and training to ensure the best result for your project allowing our hard work to meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us at 763-422-9228 to schedule a free assessment today. The professionals at Sabas’ Outdoor Services are highly knowledgeable about lawn care in the twin cities. We can quickly determine if your yard would benefit from an aeration or seeding and renovation.

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Grounds Maintenance Experts

Our landscape experts realize that landscaping not only enhances how your building looks, it gives customers a first impression of your company. Our goal is to have your landscaping portray your company’s commitment to detail and excellence.

From office complexes and shopping centers to educational centers and hotels, the Sabas’ Outdoor Team is ready to work together to turn your commercial property into a place we both can take pride in.

Grounds Maintenance Services

We can help you with a wide range of services, including any of these property management and commercial landscaping services:

  • Mowing
  • Bed care and mulching
  • Weed control
  • Tree and shrub planting and pruning
  • Turf care
  • Lawn and plant rejuvenation
  • Landscape design and installation
  • Weekly visits
  • Spring/fall cleanup and leaf removal
  • Safety inspections

Our team works closely with you to find ways to improve your property and make the best first impression for your clients, customers, employees, residents, or guests. Through our proactive solutions, quality audit system, and scheduled service visits, we’re able to recognize potential issues with your property and address them before they become costly problems.

Grounds Maintenance


Mulching is a key step in preparing your property for the growing season. Adding a fresh layer of mulch will enhance your landscape’s appearance and improve plant health.

Mulch is an essential part of your commercial landscape maintenance plan because it increases the value of your landscape. It improves how landscape beds look by creating a rich, dark background that makes flowers and other vegetation pop — and it makes your entire property look more polished and defined.
In addition to aesthetics, mulch is important because it:

  • Insulates soil against fluctuation temperatures
  • Helps retain soil moisture
  • Prevents erosion
  • Reduces lawn mower damage
  • Suppresses weeds

Planting and Pruning

Our crews maintain well over a thousand trees and shrubs on the commercial properties we service. We work hard to make sure that our crews are trained in proper pruning techniques. To ensure that your trees are taken care of holistically, we also partner with seasoned arborists to monitor their health. By adding pruning to your commercial landscape maintenance plan, you’ll help to ensure your plants are happy, healthy, and maintaining their sizes



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