Snow & Ice Management

Your choice in partner is a critical decision. Whether you operate an office or residential complex, hospital network, medical facilities, retail establishment, shopping mall or other commercial property, we know you can’t afford to have weather-related business interruptions. Trust us, we know winters. Contact us at 763-422-9228 to schedule a free assessment today. The professionals at Sabas’ Outdoor Services are well seasoned and trained in complete snow and ice management.


Snow & Ice Management

Whether your property is a retail shopping center, office building, medical/hospital facility, industrial park, apartment building, or condominium, you need a dependable, responsive partner to quickly and completely clear snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots, and other walking and driving surfaces.

Snow & Ice Management

Sabas’ Outdoor Services is one of the top commercial snow and ice removal contractors in the twin cities. Our commercial snow removal services and ice management solutions include:

  • Snow plowing and hauling
  • Sidewalk clearing and de-icing
  • Pre- and post-storm communications
  • Blizzard contingency plans
  • Multiple salt storage locations for quicker response
  • Dedicated area and route supervisors
  • Zero-tolerance programs, which means any amount of snowfall is plowed
Sabas Outdoor Snow Removal

Partnering with a Commercial Snow Removal Company

  • We are technology/innovation-driven
  • We use weather monitoring services
  • We have a dedicated customer experience team and client care specialists
  • Provides a storm management plan for your property

We take snow seriously. It’s all about protecting the safety of people who visit, work, and live on your property. Secure your snow removal contract today! No matter what type of contract you choose, our team is qualified, experienced, and prepared to handle every winter storm.

Snow Plowing & Hauling

For properties that are high-risk and heavily traveled, there’s no room for error with snow and ice management. They need clear parking lots and walkways all winter, no matter the conditions, and require a response before, during, and after a storm.

We have a vested interest in your community and understand what it means to put the needs of people who visit, work, and live on your property first. This means using the appropriate equipment and materials — and dispatching dedicated crews that are trained and experienced. For these clients, which often include corporate properties and hospitals/healthcare facilities, we provide zero-tolerance snow and ice removal.

Sabas Ice Control
Sabas Outdoor Snow Removal

Pre- and Post-Storm Communications

Communication is key to making sure you get the best service before, during, and after every snow or ice storm. Once we know that a storm is coming, we’re monitoring the weather, and our crews are ready to go when a storm comes.

At Sabas’ Outdoor Services we stay ready so we don’t have to get ready. We know a snowstorm can hit at any time during the colder months, so our team is always ready to work


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