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Applying a fresh layer of mulch atop the soil in a flower bed is often the final touch to revamping your landscaping. Freshly laid mulch creates a backdrop against which your flowers will stand out beautifully. Even though mulch gives your landscaping a polished look, it is time-consuming and labor intensive to spread. For this reason, many people call upon Sabas’ Outdoor Services

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Mulching Services

Sabas’ Outdoor Services offers mulching in varying shades which can help to add the finishing touch your landscape needs. Whether you choose shredded bark or wood mulch, one thing is certain, you’ll be glad that you did! Contact us to sign-up for a mulching service today. If you’re looking for complete residential lawn care, view our lawn care services.

Mulch Installation Services

Protecting your plants means protecting your soil from drought, changing temperatures and weeds. It also involves providing your soil with valuable nutrients. Mulch is a material that provides these benefits when properly spread over landscape beds. Biodegradable mulch can be made from materials such as grass clippings, wood chips, compost or leaves, and cedar.

Mulch, when spread to the proper depth, is attractive and practical. It adds nutrients to the soil while protecting roots, conserving water and moderating temperature


Benefits of Mulching


When it comes to basic yard and garden maintenance, nothing delivers such lasting benefits as mulching. The simple act of mulching can add productive life to your garden soil, ensuring that the things you plant, grow and develop just the way you want them. Mulching adds that much-needed protective layer to your soil, and can either be sourced from organic materials (straw, grass clippings, bark chips etc) or inorganic materials (brick chips, stones and plastic).

There are lots of benefits to be had from both types of mulches (inorganic & organic) including:

  • Evenness in soil temperature – good for uniformity of growth
  • Elimination and prevention of weed growth
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Gives your garden that “complete” look and feel
  • Increases moisture retention, negating the need or constant waterings
  • Cuts down on compaction often caused by heavy downpours
  • Provides easy access to garden, even in damp conditions (no more muddy feet)
  • Maintains clean vegetables and fruits

Mulching is an ongoing and sometimes hazardous task. The millions of microorganisms present in organic mulching can expose you and your family to health risks. On top of that, the mulching process needs to be measured as too much mulch can actually harm your plants.

At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we believe that you shouldn’t have to put yourself through all that to maintain a beautiful garden. That is why our twin cities mulching service is the most sought after. We use our years of mulching experience to treat your garden and plants with the right type of mulch in the right quantity. Not only will your plants radiate beautifully, they’ll have a much longer life.


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