Lawn Care for HOA Property Maintenance

As an active member of your HOA, you likely care deeply about the appearance and functionality of your community. At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we understand the significant responsibility that comes with serving on a homeowners’ association, which is why we want to make property maintenance more manageable for you.

Our team specializes in outdoor services, including lawn care, landscaping, and more. We offer instant personalized satellite quotes for our lawn care customers, ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to pricing. By modernizing the lawn care experience, we make it easy for our customers to schedule recurring services and coordinate everything online.

Our approach to lawn care provides a streamlined and modern experience for customers, with significant scale and efficiency advantages. This means that you can focus on other ways to improve your building and make it a better place for its residents. With Sabas’ Outdoor Services, you can trust that your property will be well-maintained, allowing you to devote more time and energy to the needs of your community.


Our Lawn Care Services for Property Maintenance

HOA regulations serve an important purpose; to maintain the appearance and consistency of a community for its homeowners. Typically, HOAs hire lawn maintenance companies to care for the outdoor common areas of a property to keep them in excellent condition. At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we offer comprehensive lawn care services that can meet the needs of any HOA.

Lawn mowing and maintenance are typically the primary services included in rental agreements with HOAs. Our team provides edging services as well to ensure that clean, straight edges are created around driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds. This approach creates a polished, well-maintained appearance for your community.

During the fall, leaf and gutter cleaning become essential tasks to prevent potential property damage resulting from gutter blockages or leaks. Gutter cleaning can prevent flooding or other costly damages. If left unaddressed, leaf coverage can harm the health of a lawn, leading to further maintenance issues.

At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we take pride in offering reliable and efficient outdoor services for HOAs. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience needed to maintain your property’s outdoor areas to the highest standards. Whether you require lawn care or other outdoor services, we are here to help you keep your community in excellent condition.

Offering HOA's Reputable Lawn Care

Maintaining and repairing a property can be a significant expense for HOAs, with an average of 25% of annual operating expenses allocated to these tasks. As a result, it is critical for HOAs to find the most qualified companies at the best possible price to make the most of their budgets. At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality services while remaining cost-effective.

When quoting you for a service, we take into account various factors such as your property size, lawn areas, driveway length, growing region, frequency of service, and mix of services required. Our pricing is transparent, which means you’ll know the exact cost of the service before it’s scheduled, so you’ll never experience any hidden fees.

At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we strive to provide excellent outdoor services at affordable prices. Our team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your property looks its best, and we are always happy to work with you to develop a maintenance plan that fits your needs and budget.


Property Maintenance Tips for Homeowners Associations

A well maintained property increases value, and may attract people to rent from you. Ownership of property maintenance can be confusing and sometimes difficult to manage, but Lawn Love is here to help. Although maintaining a property can be a lot of work, if you pick the right partner to outsource the work to, you’ll only have to worry about the initial setup, and then you can leave it up to the professionals to take care of the rest.

In the case that a landlord is not maintaining the property, tenants can take legal action to get the landlord to uphold their part of the lease. Usually, it is the landlord’s duty and responsibility to maintain the property. As a member of the HOA, it’s then your responsibility to make sure that landlords are managing this effectively. By using one trusted company to oversee your lawn care needs and including this cost in your building’s HOA fees, you can avoid this risk altogether.

The average hours spent maintaining the property and the average cost of maintaining a rental property will vary, but it’s an incredibly important investment for HOAs. In order to ensure that you’re covered, we’d recommend:

  1. Set clear guidelines for landlords and homeowners with regard to their expected yard maintenance
  2. Hire or recommend an ensured service provider such as Lawn Love to make sure that lawn care is regularly scheduled and completed within guidelines on a recurring basis
  3. Keeping up on yard services all year round, including seasonal services such as leaf cleanup and snow removal

Complete & Expert Snow Removal Services For Homeowners

Minnesota winters can take a toll on the psyche, especially when heavy snowstorms hit, making it challenging to get to work or access your home safely. At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we understand the challenges that come with the winter season, and we offer snow removal services to make your life easier.

Our team stays on top of the weather forecast, ensuring that we’re always ready to dig you out of the snow. We provide more than just driveway plowing, as we take exceptional care to ensure that plowed snow won’t damage your landscaping, vehicles, or property. Our top priority is providing unparalleled customer service, which means you’ll receive fast, responsive, and professional snow removal when you need it most.

Let us take snow removal off your to-do list, so you can focus on enjoying the winter season. Whether you need help with the biggest storms or want us to handle all your snow removal needs throughout the season, our team of experts is here to help. At Sabas’ Outdoor Services, we are serious about helping you make the most of winter.

So, go ahead and build a snowman, go ice skating, or enjoy any other winter activity you love, and let us handle the snow removal. Contact us today to learn more about our snow removal services and how we can help make your winter season more enjoyable.


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